Cole has accepted the treatment of the back of the warriors boss: look at its early return

Custom cat logo iron on transfers (Decal Sticker) No.100549According to ESPN news, the Jinzhou braves coach Steve – Cole yesterday to accept a series of treatment of spinal fluid leakage, but will still be an indefinite truce.

Joe Cole, the hero’s boss, confirmed the news in an interview, saying he hoped that the treatment would ease the pain in the back of the Lacob. Lacob is also optimistic about the prospects for Cole’s recovery, he hopes to return to the team as soon as possible.

“Hopefully the spinal fluid leakage problem can be solved, and he has other courses of treatment. It’s been a problem that has been bothering him for almost two years, “Lacob said.” I’m sure the doctor will be able to solve the problem, and in the near future, Cole will return to the coach.”

Since the beginning of the first third games, Cole began to miss the game, the conductor handed over to assistant coach Mike – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -. This time in Salt Lake City, Cole did not go with the team. But the warriors Shirupozhu, 3-0 has lead the jazz to get match point.

According to the previous news, Cole round of the series is unlikely to return, even the next playoffs will be absent.

Column: being reluctant to laugh at the past is being turned over by Mcgee

Custom Le Coq Sportif logo iron on transfers (Decal Sticker) No.100598ESPN’s undefeated expert Mark – author of the story, to tell you the story of the brave center of the story of Mcgee, the story of the people’s Republic of China, the center of the story, the story of the warriors center, the story of the center of the story. This is now playing in the warriors of the center is how to get through the difficult years, Mcgee is off the spot what kind of person? Now you translated part of the wonderful content:

When Javier – Mcgee in the practice of the jump shot, his warriors teammate – Durant, told reporters with a smile, said: “now is the media darling of the”.”

With the ability to attack and defend the full performance of both ends, Mcgee became a star in the playoffs, attracting the attention of fans and journalists.

This is 7 feet tall, 250 pound center can be completed at the end of the basket, the first round of the series he has worked with Stephen curry with anti Portland guard Damian Lillard’s attack, with long arm like King Kong, Mcgee was inferior to the protective frame effect of Goebel and Joe Dan that blocks master.

In an interview with Undefeated, Mcgee said: “this year, to some extent, is a season of redemption, I have a good opportunity and platform to demonstrate their ability.”

Really thirty years Hedong, Hexi in the past thirty years.

In the lost and AI Zeli Bogut, the warriors last summer is extremely eager to frame protection center. One of the options left to them is Mcgee, who has a hidden injury, who played 9 seasons in the NBA, scoring an average of 5.1 points and 3.9 rebounds per game last season at dallas. Previously, he also played in the wizards, nuggets and 76 people.

Michigan Mcgee was one of O’neal’s “five major programs in MVP embarrassed”, he told the warriors after signing the contract, Fawkes said he is a wonderful sport, “the San Jose Mercury newspaper” called him “very popular, athletic, occasionally erupt.”

Mcgee felt that he was being treated differently. He said: “I have so shortcomings on the pitch, I was also distracted, but I did not do such a thing not drunk. Only you know how hard it is to work hard, people will misunderstand you. I can only continue to work hard to maintain a positive attitude, and hope that in the end there will be good results.”

So what is the real Mcgee?

In the eyes of the agent BJ- Armstrong, his 29 year old agent looks like a hard nut to crack, but in fact is a computer, small things and movies fans. Mcgee’s basketball talent inherited his home, his 6 – foot father George – is the pioneer of the 1985 selection of the two round of the show, his mother is a former NBA star player – Montgomery – Mcgee, Pam – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -. In Losangeles, Mcgee played in the amateur Drew League finals.

In the 5 anniversary of Meyers column: Warrior 10 signing pen

Custom Juicy Couture logo iron on transfers (Decal Sticker) No.100059In the warriors waiting for the western half of the match during the launch, the bay area media selected the warriors general manager Bob – under the top 10 of the wisdom of signing Meyers. Durant and Iguodala, apart from fame, what are some of the tips that you didn’t expect to have in the future? What are some of the things that are not going to happen to you? “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” ” Since April 2012 to become warriors general manager, Meyers had a lot of wonderful.

In the 5 anniversary of Meyers column: Warrior 10 signing pen

The first 1 strokes, Andre Iguodala Meyers, so far is still the best of his career. Also slightly than Durant to join, the warrior is pulling the jazz and Denver made three transactions in the final one to veteran warriors would thus become the champion team.

Iguodala joined the team in second years, the warriors won the NBA championship, he was crowned FMVP. Since joining from Yigo, braves regular season 230 wins and 70 losses, 38 wins and 18 playoff. Every year he came, the warriors scored at least 50 wins and the playoffs. And another effect Yigo deals, Meyers finally know Andres Biedrins last years of contract.

In the 5 anniversary of Meyers column: Warrior 10 signing pen

2, Kevin Durant persuaded a top three of the league’s players have been superior strength of the team is a huge challenge, Meyers began to realize the possibility of Adu, the team did everything. Adu is currently the signing of the warriors can bring a few champions is still unknown, but the signing of the warriors in the next few years, Adu has become the focus of the league and the biggest favorites. Mediocre general manager will never do this.

In the 5 anniversary of Meyers column: Warrior 10 signing pen

3 – Sean, Livingston – Douglas and Jaret Toni. – Jack, Stephen – Curitiba, Meyers finally to find a suitable substitute. Mark – in the middle of the last year of the warriors, the warriors have won a wave of 7 passengers in the field of the top 6, ending the battle lost to the nets of the Broolyn. After a couple of serious knee injuries over the course of the season, Livingston is back on track. Meyers did not forget him, after the end of the season he quickly signed a 3 year contract with the special case of the contract, since then, Livingston is an important substitute for the warriors.

During 4, Leandro Barbosa in the early sun block general manager Steve – coach Cole will understand Barbosa. Cole replace Mark – Jackson took office, Meyers realized that Brazil lightning can upgrade the team’s bench, but also can bring the combat capability. There may be a lack of defensive side, but in the two season of the warriors he is an important point on the bench, he has a hand of three points.

Nobody wants to win! Lillard: will become stronger and then cross the Warriors

Custom clarks logo iron on transfers (Decal Sticker) No.100553Blazers defeated warriors, with a 0-4 score of the end of the playoffs.

The warriors as the tide of offensive front, the Blazers almost all the people down, not only Damian lillard. The stubborn man full of the first three quarters, one second did not rest, and finally cut down even though the glory of the 34 points.

After the match, praised the powerful warriors game, but he has also expressed his desire to go beyond the opponent’s future. This is a man who is more and more brave.

“They are a champion team,” Lillard said. “It was clear that they had seen their game and fought with them. They are very stable and will continue to play regardless of whether they are in the state or not. They always insist on doing their own, very relaxed and very united. They know exactly how to play well. When you combine these elements with the talent they have, it’s a tough team to beat.”

“For us, we have such a goal, not to follow suit, but want to have that cohesion, understanding and ability to hit a wave flow in the game. You want the team to have an atmosphere of mutual trust. Of course you have to understand that if you want to get out of the west, you have to cross them. I know that.”

“That’s how NBA works. I think that Michael Jordan is always forced the piston head, every year to suppress him, and if he wants he wanted to go to the stage, they must be crossed. That’s because they’ll be there, every year, and we’ll look at it and see that we have to be stronger.”

“And if we want to go beyond them, we have to come back with a stronger team.”

Ill condition! Cole is not expected to return in the first round of the playoffs

Custom bvlgari logo iron on transfers (Decal Sticker) No.100454According to the Score news, the Jinzhou braves coach Steve – Cole is expected to not return in the first round of the playoffs, he was absent due to personal health problems today warriors and blazers G3.

It is reported that the warriors have not yet determined whether Cole’s condition is related to medical problems encountered before. In July 2015, Cole underwent back surgery. However, postoperative complications, resulting in spinal fluid leakage, making Cole back in October of the year and the treatment. 2015-16 season, Cole also missed 43 games. Cole occasionally suffered headaches and nausea.

According to ESPN reporter Mark at the news of Cole in Portland, but also the need for body fluids. Another source said, Cole extreme pain, and even can not walk.

The warriors are currently 3-0 ahead of the Blazers, the next game will continue in Portland, Mike is expected to continue to serve as a commander in the field of the command of the Brown.

Reasonable basketball to beat rockets Wei less: completely trusted teammates

Custom armani logo iron on transfers (Decal Sticker) No.100545In both sides of the second contest, Russell – although cut the playoffs in the history of the largest number of points scored three pairs, but has been criticized by the public opinion has been criticized for a long time, but also has been criticized by the public opinion of the United States in the history of the history of the history of the United States, the United States has been criticized by the public. Today, he suppressed his desire to storm, did not easily shot three points, although the last moment of Wei little shot some reluctantly, but Adams will be added to the meritorious service.

“As I said after the last war, I have to trust my teammates in 48 minutes, and I’m going to do better.” Wei Wei said after the game, the players played well today.”

Although a few Zhanwei criticized, but the thunder of his team believe they have to defend him. When it comes to Wei Wei, thunder coach Donovan said, Wei Wei is a very sincere and honest people, I like to get along with him, and his work, coaching him. Every game, he will sum up experience, evaluate performance, looking for a better way to do.”

In Westbrook ignore the drive, the thunder team also used the performance response, Gibson scored 20 points, Robertson 12 points and Dibogede aurar. Wei less himself is scored 32 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists.

“We’re a team. They’re not here to support me. We’re a team.” “My teammates have done a great job throughout the season, and in the last few games, as a whole, we will continue to trust each other,” he said.”

Next, the thunder will continue to sit at home, ushered in fourth games with the rockets.

Adu: hate injury series third games to start

Custom aigner logo iron on transfers (Decal Sticker) No.100002

ESPN news, in their own personal YouTube channel, warriors star Kevin – Durant updated his injury. He said he wanted to play with the series in second games, but Cole refused to coach. He wants to play in Beijing time Sunday’s game, once won the warriors will take the first round match point.

In the video, Adu said, “I want to be with these guys. I hope I can get on the next one. I was a bit of a calf injury, the first game of the third quarter I pulled a calf. I didn’t feel anything during the race, but I felt a lot of pain in the next few days.”

Adu missed 19 games in the regular season because of a left knee injury until the last game of the regular season was returned. Of course, the warriors don’t want to risk Adu. Adu said: “from the next day, we will see how I feel, but I feel better every day, I hope I can play with my teammates, won the first three games.”

Before flying to Portland, the warriors will arrange a training session. Patchogue Faria Center said: “we have experienced such a situation (Adu absent), hoping he will be back soon. But health is very important, every ball is important, but at the same time we have to look at the long-term. I hope he’s a minor problem this time.”

As Adu such a race, the absence of the game is not a good day: I hate the injury, hate the absence of competition. Now these are not what I can control, I can only try to restore. We are now 2-0 ahead, the third round of the series has just started, we can not wait.”

Kobe “players forum” Autographed: fascinated by my nature

Custom adidas logo iron on transfers (Decal Sticker) No.100540Kobe, who has been retired for a year, writes in the player’s forum, revealing the experience of his players during the confrontation with the. This part of the essence of translation:

In November 13, 1996, Allen – Iverson scored 35 points in the game on the same day, the Lakers in the Lakers on the road victory over the Rockets, I played for about 5 minutes to get a score of 2 points in. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -.

That night in the hotel room, watching the 35 – point game on the sports center, I got out of control. I knocked over the table, threw the chair smashed tv.

5 minutes to get 2 points.

I need to work harder.

I’m a man of my word.

Kobe “players forum” Autographed: fascinated by my nature

In March 20, 1999, Iverson got 41 points and 10 assists on my head.

Hard work is not enough, I started to study this guy crazy.

I read all the articles and books about AI and watched his every game, including the game before NBA. I studied his every success and failure, and tried to find his weakness. I’ve been searching for information about AI all over the world, and I’ve been studying how the great white shark on the coast of South Africa has captured the seal.

Patience, timing and perspective.

Kobe “players forum” Autographed: fascinated by my nature

In Philadelphia in February 21, 2000, Phil – the second half of the, let me defend Iverson, no one knows the challenge to me. I want him to taste the frustration of my experience, and I want everyone to laugh at me because he cut me off 41+10 on my head.

He will openly say that we both can not defend who, I do not agree with this argument, I would like to take 50 points, you have to get a point, this is my goal.

In my defense, Iverson 16 points in the first half, the court is still a total of 16 points.

Revenge is so cool.

But I’m not satisfied with this victory, I’m angry with him before.

Since then, I swear, I will take every counterpoint as a matter of life and death, and no one can make me so focused. I will choose my own goal and lock him in person. I will give you the next season’s goal to my next 20 years.

Champion: Bauer hot fultz inspired me next season MVP

Custom volvo logo iron on transfers (Decal Sticker) No.100317According to reports from The Score, although the draft will begin in two months time, but the champion hot horse Kerr fultz and langzuo – Bauer contest has just begun.

In a recent interview, Bauer said he would regard him as a driving force for progress when he spoke of his opinion of himself.

“I respect him, and he should have said that. As long as it is about competitors should consider themselves better than others, “fultz” Sports Illustrated “in an interview said,” for me, it was funny, he will only inspire me to greater efforts to ensure that their training will be far ahead of him.”

The two young players are former three overall draft and hot this year, fults was thought to be to become champion. They played against each other two times last season, and Bauer led the UCLA for the first time in the past two years, easily beating Fults’s Washington state.

“He and I are guard, so in the future may be a positive position, of course, I will beat him,” said fults.

Although he is only 18 years old, but the fults in 2017-18 season, full of expectations, not only to set their own sign selected targets in the exam, also hope to win the MVP award.

“First place is important to me because it’s something I’ve been dreaming of all my life. I want to win the rookie of the year, to be honest, and the MVP trophy.”

2017 NBA draft draw ceremony will be held in Beijing on May 17th, the current Boston Celtics have a 25% chance to get the first prize.

Wade: we will support Butler without reservation

Custom ecco logo iron on transfers (Decal Sticker) No.100563According to ESPN reports, the recent bulls defender Dwyne – in an interview with the talk about the Jimmy – Celtic defender of the defender – – the defense of – Thomas Wade. In the eyes of this group, Wade eyes full of the year – Lebron – defensive when – – – when the appearance of the – Ross.

“(James and Lebron) as a team mate is a luxury thing for me,” Wade said in an interview, “when we fight, we Derek Ross had done the same thing, you have to arrange a guard to stare at him (Ross). But if you have a player who is taller and more flexible, it will help. Because it will give them another point of view.”

“You’re not going to be able to completely limit Isaiah – Thomas gets a chance to get a chance to get a good first – class. But we can make them (Celtic) to look the other point of view, if you can let them attack pull farther, and try to hold them on the pitch, then this will help us. Very happy to have such a person in the team, he (Butler) can get their own 30 points, but also to defend the other side can get the man who scored 30 points.”

As Wade said, in the sixth season into the league, Jimmy – has grown into one of the league’s offensive and defensive players, one of the representatives of the current round of the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States has been one of the most important players in the League today. He averaged 23.9 points, 6.2 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game this season, averaging a career high in scoring, rebounding and assists in the game.

“Obviously Jimmy (Butler), Paul (George), and de Raymond (Leonard), with (Green) and Lebron (James) is this (offensive player Almighty)” Wade said in an interview, “I know you may miss some people, although Avery Bradley is a great the defender, but he did not like them tall. Although Patrick – Beverly is also a good defensive player, but apparently he can not defend each other’s number four. There are a few people in the league who can do that.”

The Celtic series opener, Wade scored only got 11 points, after the Fengcheng came last summer, the role of Wade as he is more important in miami. When it comes to the role of the shift, Wade reiterated that the current bull is the Jimmy – Butler team.

“I remember when I came here, I will introduce the new aid has himself said this is Jimmy Butler’s team,” Wade said, “at this point of the season, everything is a matter of winning every game and before the game is different. You don’t know how they play against him (Butler) in the next game, so we have to be ready to do whatever it takes to support him.”